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Have you ever wondered how social anxiety grows? Follow just one of the steps below and you’ll for sure notice it inching upward over time. Follow several of the steps and you’ll notice it grow by leaps and bounds.


  1. PLAY IT SAFE and only talk to people you know.
  2. REHEARSE what you are going to say over and over.
  3. Always assume others are JUDGING YOU.
  4. KEEP YOUR DISTANCE: Cross your arms or don’t make eye contact.
  5. Never initiate conversations with others– Wait for THEM to start it up.
  6. Only talk on topics you know A LOT about. DON’T SHOW WEAKNESS.
  7. If there’s an awkward silence, assume there’s something WRONG with you.
  8. Whatever the cost, AVOID DISCOMFORT.
  9. Prepare an excuse so you can ESCAPE social encounters with ease.
  10. Definitely DO NOT EVER state an unpopular opinion out loud.
  11. Believe that NO ONE WILL UNDERSTAND your social anxiety.
  12. REPLAY conversations afterwards on REPEAT, paying special attention to your “MISTAKES”
  13. Don’t talk on the phone with people. Stick to texting and Facebook.
  14. Always SAY YES so you can avoid confrontation. You don’t want to let anyone down.
  15. Constantly compare yourself to other people to see how you MEASURE UP.


Social anxiety loves it when we avoid stressful social encounters and assume negative things about ourselves. If you experience social anxiety and are ready for relief, a counselor at Star Meadow Counseling is available to help.